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Good Cause Exhibition
Supplication by Katarina premfors

A successful collaboration was mode by Katarina Premfors supporting Socialbandage. The exhibition, entitled Supplication by AirSpace Diretor Katarina Premfors went on display of The Empty Quarter gallery in Dubai International Financial Centre. The photographs capture the spirit of Ramadan. Hosted by Brownbook and supported by Emirates NBD, the show runs throughout the holy month. Katarina's worked themed under the words 'To humbly ask for' is a series of photographic essays that are all focused on Ramadan Katarina explains 'A humble request is a bit like thanksgiving in reverse, 'she says. 'Inside we remember to be thankful for everything we have, but at the same time there is also a tacit humble request for our good fortune to continue. This seems fitting for Ramadan, which in a way, is a kind of prolonged act of devotion.' During August Brownbook will host two suhoor evenings and a silent auction for Katarina's photographic prints. Proceeds will go towards social Bandage, a charity that aims to improve the standards of disabled people around the world